enema experience

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I haven't posted here before so i thought i might share what happened to me earlier..

I was cleaning out my butt as usual with my enema kit, when i had an idea. Instead of emptying myself into the toilet, i dumped my liquid waste into the enema bag. I looked in the bag and the sight and scent of the waste only made me hornier. I hooked the bag up and got down on my knees, placing the end of the tube in between my lips. But before i released the valve i decided to tape the tube in my lips so that i would be forced to swallow every drop (there was a LOT). I released the valve and watched as the brown liquid made its way to my mouth. I let out a high moan as the waste entered my lips and i pulled on the tube, but to no use as the tape kept it firmly between my lips. I submitted and placed my hands between my thighs and watched the flow of shit enter my mouth as i swallowed it down like the waste disposal i am~.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed swallowing