This how I got into scat.
I live about a 5 minute walk from the woods. It was a cold and wet day and I was walking long when I noticed a man and woman shouting at each other. I went over and asked if everything was OK. He said she had promised to do some dirty sex acts with him. I looked at her and she said she was only joking. What sex acts were they I asked? He said a bit of pee and stuff. She said she didn't want him to pee in her mouth or pee in his. He wanted to try the taste of pee. So I said he could sample mine. Your kidding me he said. No I'm not if you really want to try it. Go on the he said. I yes but only if the lad y got my cock out and held it while I pissed. She looked horrified at me but I said that in would stop the fighting between them. I undid my coat and she came over and unzipped my pants. I gave a kiss on the lips and she took my cock out. Shit I had a monster hard on. She rubbed her thumb on the end. I said to the man get on your knees and open you mouth. He did then I let go with a stream of hot piss into his mouth. he started to swallow and she gasped and shivered. The little shudder sent piss all over his face and hair. I pull his head forward and piss straight down his throat. She let go and kissed me putting her tongue in my mouth.
When I have finished he stood up and went to kiss her but she moved away. I grabbed him and kissed him putting my tongue down his throat. I could taste the piss and his spit. She came over and kiss him and me full on the mouth. She was shaking. She bent down and took my limp cock in her mouth and started to suck.
He said that she had never sucked his cock but said she looked sexy doing it. I asked her to stop and suck her boyfriend/husbands cock. I'd not asked what their relationship was. They had been married for 6 years and only did the missionary position. Well I said they might need some sex lessons and they both agreed.
We walk to my house and I made them some tea. They were very wet and cold like me so I gave him a robe and her a T-shirt. I put on shorts and a vest. They got change in the bathroom and put all their clothes in the washing machine. I've got them captive now in a nice way. The robe was a little big for him but looked stunning in my T-shirt. It came just below her crotch so she was pulling it down stooping slightly as she walked. My names Keith I said. I am 61 years old. I'm Dave and this is Lisa. He was 29 and Lisa was 25. They sat down him on the armchair she on the sofa side on legs firmly together. We chatted about this and that. then Dave said what can you teach us about sex? Lisa went white and tensed up. Well for a start lets have look at your cock. Dave stood up and opened the robe. Lisa looked down at the floor. I went over to Dave and asked if it was OK to touch it. He did a sort of grunt and nodded. So got hold of his cock and rubbed it a little. A little moan came from him so I felt his balls. He was quivering. I asked Lisa to come over. She looked at me like she'd been shot but I said please. She slid off the couch and came over on her hands and knees like an obedient puppy. Take in your mouth I said to her. You sucked mine. By this time Dave was breathing heavy and sweating. Shall I go first I asked her. She nodded slowly so I got close to Dave's cock with my mouth. Watch I said licking some pre cum off his knob. he shuddered and I closed my lips around his cock.
He was hard now he might come any second so I pushed all the way in to his pelvic bone. It was in my throat. I slowly pulled it out and told Lisa to do it. Open wide baby it will be OK. She opened her mouth and took Dave's cock in her mouth for the first time. She gagged a bit but I stopped Dave from grabbing her head and pushing onto it. I put one of her hands on his balls and said squeeze gently while I put her other hand in his ass crack. Lisa's head was bobbing slightly and her cheeks were going on and out like she was playing a mouthorgan. Dave came but Lisa didn't pull away. She swallowed like drinking when your dry and need water. Save some for me I said.
She let Dave's cock fall out of her mouth cum running down her chin. Dave fell back into the chair eyes glazed over. I went to Lisa and kissed her full on. The I licked the cum off her chin. She was trembling so I put my tongue in her mouth and we swapped Dave's cum.
I sat down. Lisa was kneeling on the floor Dave was in shock on the chair. Total silence.
The washer had stopped so I went and put their clothes in the dryer. When I came back Lisa and Dave were lying on the floor holding each other and crying.

To be continued..........