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Thread: Eating Shit

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    Eating Shit

    I love to eat shit. Does anyone else enjoy this? How much if so and in what ways?

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    Hi jimbob, I have dipped in before, but generally only my own. I have forced myself to eat a huge bowl of my own, and found the easiest way is to try and swallow it as soon as its in your mouth- chewing brings out the bitterness which personally brings me to urge. I've eaten s girlfriends too, a small hard nugget on the end of a rubber glove, which was actually gorgeous.

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    I've eaten some of mine, and some of my wife's. Not large amounts though. The bitter and slightly nutty taste is rather addictive, I've found. I much prefer female, but I think that it is just mental, as I'm a strictly hetro guy, and I love the female ass, so it kind of follows that one can love what comes out of it too!

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    I love to eat my own and have swallowed an entire bowel movement, but only once. Most of the time, I swallow 2-3 big lumps during smearing sessions. Really would like to take a load from a female ass, but sadly my wife is not into it, and its quite tough to find like-minded female partners on the East Coast of the USA.

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    Hi Jimbo, I've been eating my own for well over 12 months now, usually a couple of times a week. I started by finger licking and have progressed up to managing a whole dish full. Ive tried shit with food a few times, shit on toast is a favourite. My usual though is to drop a full load into a dish and use either fork or spoon. never really felt the need to throw up and never been ill having it.

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    Yes, I've eaten small turds from an ex-fiance's on a few occasions. I've also ingested smaller amounts (i.e., the smear on my finger and/or left over 'cling ons' from the hole) from several other gals.

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    Awesome to all of them comments thanks. Iv eaten my own shit and enjoy it. I hope to 1 day eat a womens shit mmm. But iv not met a woman into it as yet

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    it is an acquired taste Jimbo and one of mind over matters, but I found once I was used to it, it became really moreish, it also makes me super horny, never had anyone else's though, for now I'm happy just having my own - having from someone else doesn't do it for me right now.
    Things I've tried and like are shiting a full load in a dish and peeing in it too, shit and piss mixed together is awesome, really like the bitterness of shit and the hint of piss with it and how the pee turns a nice mucky brown colour - 100% recycling lol. Ive also had shit pizza, shit sandwiches (eaten in public, which was epic) and shit with fries. But my ultimate favorite is just on its own, 3 or 4 good size logs in a dish, as it comes and with a glass of piss. True to say I'm definitely a toilet lol

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    That sounds awesome! Well i love to eat chunks of my own shit and drink my piss to get myself off. Even better when you mix some rubber suited bondage in with it

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    Last Summer, I had experiences w/ several area hookers. There were 5 of them from whom I was able to taste at least a small amount of poop via rimming them. One was noteworthy in particular: When she slid her stretch pants down in my car, I could SMELL it right away! I swear you could clearly smell her pussy and/or ass from 3 feet or so away.

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