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Thread: Eating Shit

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    Went to a private house and let the girl sit on my face when she pushed out a big amaunt of rather runny poo, really loved it and swallowed most of it, few weeks later I went to the red district where a youngster pusched out a little. Next week I will visit a new one I found and she she can shit "alot" the first part will be real solid so I can chew on it, after it gets more slimy as shea tells me ,have to pay 50 , really looking forward to it

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    great anon, hope you enjoy the shit. how did you find the girls?

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    Found them on the internet local prostitution advertising.

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    I live in Toronto.
    I see a domina every couple of weeks, and she feeds me and sounds my cock.
    She is absolutely beautiful, and she knows I want to fuck her, but won't let me.
    I love the whole scenario. I enter, strip, and begin smelling her ass.
    I part her cheeks and sniff, getting closer and closer to heaven.
    When I get there, I rub the tip of my nose on her opening and cover my nose with her smell.
    I lick her ass and slide my tongue in as far as it will go; soon, she tells me to lie down and gets her toilet chair.
    I lay under it and she places her feet on my chest.
    When she begins to push, I love to see her anus and backside pushing towards me, and her anus opening up.
    I open my mouth and wait to catch what falls out.
    When it falls, I feel so dirty, laying on my back, jerking my cock while her hot shit fills my mouth.
    That's the dirtiest part for me...the turds are 98.6 degrees.
    I chew and choke and try to eat it all. All the while, the hot shit on my face is cooling.
    I love it when she looks at me covered in her shit, I feel perverted and dirty and ashamed.
    I'm going to see her tomorrow morning, I can't wait!

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    Its always been my dream to do this but I've restrained myself. Worried about dangerous parasites like E.coli, Hepatitus etc all these web doctors keep mentioning. However see loads of people do it. No idea why I'm hooked on this from an early age like 7 years old, now I'm 40 lol. I'd pay good money to do this.

    Anonymuske, how do you find women into this??? I tried so hard one time, but golden showers was as far as I got to do. Women understandably were too shy even though they got to play the most privileged role of total domination over a pathetic man toilet slave. However over the years I've noticed this is getting very popular. My favourite videos are Yapoos market, the Japanese really know their sh**.
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    Hope you had a nice time, Assman! I'm not too far from Toronto. That sounds like a wonderful mistress/feeder that you have found.

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    If you were with hookers you should have just straight up asked them to shit in your mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichiganGhoul View Post
    Last Summer, I had experiences w/ several area hookers. There were 5 of them from whom I was able to taste at least a small amount of poop via rimming them. One was noteworthy in particular: When she slid her stretch pants down in my car, I could SMELL it right away! I swear you could clearly smell her pussy and/or ass from 3 feet or so away.
    If you were with hookers you should have just asked them to shit in your mouth

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    I'm going to see a different lady tomorrow.
    She's half an hour closer but more expensive.
    I hope she's as hot as her photos; I think she's Indian.

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