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Thread: Eating Shit

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    hey jimbo, the bondage thing sounds like fun. Me being solo though means I probably wont be trying it lol. Do you have any preferences of shit, meaning do you prefer hard logs or softer shit? For me, I like both. I started with small chunks, chewing quickly then swallowing and Ive built the amount up over time. I remember getting off super intensely the after first time I ate a whole 6 inch log. I did that for a while before moving my goal to having a full load. Love shitty burps after eating too,

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    Hope you don't mind me answering too, but for me, I prefer firm, slightly soft, but not hard or dry. I guess you'd call it "normal" shit! The one thing that really doesn't do anything for me is runny, diarrhea like shit.

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    Yeah i agree runny doesnt do it for me i prefer normal shit too. I like to try an eat as much as poss and get off while doing it. I love rubbing my face in it and it all over my body. The bondage thing i cant do being single as well now

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    Shittypooper and jimbob, I agree, I also don't like it too runny when I'm doing it. But I do like runny shit after mixing with pee, which is really nice - kind of a shit and piss smoothy. Ive learned to cope with soft. Love spreading shit around my mouth when I'm eating it and love being able to stay 'dirty' for a few hours, having my mouth caked in shit and keeping the taste for as long as possible. How often do you eat shit and what's the usual amount you can manage - what's the biggest amount you've had?
    It's good to find like minded people who love to eat shit, for a while I thought I was pretty much on my own

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    I have never mixed pee and shit for my own use, though I've seen it done in videos, I've never found the urge to try doing it. You make me want to try it out now! I do not do heavy duty smearing, though I would rather like to, but as I share the house with other family members, I don't have the time to myself to indulge to that extent. The smell lingers, which can be a turn on in the right situation, but I don't want the wrong people wondering why I smell like that!

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    hi shittypooper, I understand how it might be difficult if you have family around. The lingering odor is a turn on as is keeping a very shitty mouth for a few hours. As for mixing shit and piss, you should give it a try. It is a bit of an acquired taste like eating shit is, but once you've done a few times, I'm pretty sure you'll like doing it - it just gives another kind of dimension to shit eating and prolongs the fun. Please tell if you give it a go

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    I wanna be tied up and force fed shit and piss

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    Thanks pbt, I might give it try!

    jimbob, that might be fun too. Actually I wrote a story like that some time ago, and if I can find it, I'll post it in the stories section.

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    Well, jimbob, I just posted my story in the stories section.
    I hope that you like it.

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