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Thread: Eating Shit

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    That sounds amazing jimbob - if you ever get to do, please tell

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    I will. Thats if i do which at this rate.. lol

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    Jimbob and shittypooper have either of you indulged in an eating session lately?

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    Oh nice, please tell, what you did, how much etc. I did yesterday, nearly full load but did some spreading too, no pee

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    Hey, guys -- thanks for all of your inspirational postings here. I'm married as well, and I interact with a lot of people on a day to day basis, so I can't really go around with stuff caked on my face or with really shitty breath; I've been running a finger over my hole after a dump and tasting that before wiping the residue away. Haven't gotten much further than that -- but will go slowly and see what happens.

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    Hello all, i'm a newbie to this wonderful forum. I'm Alexis and i live full time as a transvestite/trans-gender girl. I developed a taste for my own shit many years ago and played occasionally over the years. Since living as a woman those urges have become a lot stronger and now i indulge in shit play and ingesting it at least once a week. I totally adore the smell, the texture, the taste, how it feels on my skin.
    Fortunately my (real) girlfriend shares this desire and we have got together a small hardcore group of T-girls in the North West and we get to hold regular, small, scat orgies.
    We have other toilet interests which i wont go into details here until i have read the forum rules. I hope to be a long term member of this great hope to help out others new to scat and try to answer any questions anyone may have. Hello to all from Alexis xxx
    Looking at the post above mine, i should just mention two girlfriends and myself got the spend the whole weekend recently caked in dried shit and it was totally erotic and wonderful. So naughty but oh so sexy.
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    So, Alexis, I hope that we're not hi jacking this thread, maybe we should start another to discuss this, but I was wondering about the effects of having your shit dried on your skin for so long? Most shit does dry up quickly on skin, I notice, but other than just cleaning, what about rashes, etc. afterwards?

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    Wow, this place is pretty raw. I like how easy the discussion seems to be going about shit-eating. I've been into this fetish since childhood, and it's been really weird. Hard to explain how and why this occurs with us and what even gets us going in the first place, but obviously it happened. Sometimes I explain it as something simple as a primal urge. I bet prehistoric humans were constantly throwing shit around, very likely playing it with sexually too. There's something about smearing it around and how easy it is to re-form it, combined with the whole idea of taboo and "things we shouldn't be doing".

    I tried actually chewing it a few hours ago and... I did not expect this, but I liked it. It has been a very long progression, but I've never pushed it. I usually use it for pure masturbation with my hands, and maybe to decorate the bathroom before cleaning it, but nothing much more. This was my final confirmation, that I will be completely able to handle a load from a female partner, one day in the future. That's the biggest problem - being solo in this all the time. I've mentioned it to some girlfriends in a joke way and they were all disgusted by the idea, or at least it seemed so. I bet a ton of women would go for scat, but only after a very long process of getting into the fetish first, probably only with a person who they really feel secure too. So it's really almost like a hopeless corridor, where you wish you could find someone who is into your own sick shit, but you are most likely to be heavily judged and ridiculed. That's the biggest fear I have about all of this. Not being able to smear it on someone I love. That would be amazing and I really envy couples who have achieved it.

    Around communities, I see mostly men, or girls that want to grab some cash with a webcam, so I guess it's close to impossible to find a real partner online. Well, it's good that we can at least discuss it freely here.
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    Hi notorious, it is good we can talk openly about this wild subject. It defiantly has a primeval feel to it. I'm much the same as you in that I've always been fascinated by shit but only a couple of years ago did I start experimenting with tasting it. I too discovered that I loved the taste and texture and smell. I only do solo play and eating, have no real desire to involve a female partner. My first finger licking was so nice but it felt truly mind blowing chewing and eating a whole log. I've now progressed to munching down complete dishfuls with no adverse effects, love it with a glass of piss too. It's just something I'm personally into doing by myself.

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