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Thread: Princess Nikki's Empire

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    Princess Nikki's Empire

    The ever so charming and beautiful Princess Nikki, love to humiliate her slaves.
    A new clip is just released "Shitting on little men" where she humiliate a little toy figure.
    She puts him in her ass, and shit him out with some brownies to go with it.

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    Little men's best friend eats my shit

    Watch the beautiful Princess Nikki pee and poop in my mouth and on my dick
    What a thrill

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    Absolute Humiliation

    Princess Nikki is pissed off because I really screwed up as a slave, and as a last possibility to stay in service I am given a chance to be her total toilet..!
    Watch her pee and poop in my mouth on a rooftop in Budapest in "Absolute humiliation"

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