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Thread: Princess Nikki's Empire

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    My private shit eater

    As I am sitting in my bed I explain very clearly to my slave that i can make all men do nasty things just by giving them some pleasure. As beautiful as I am any slave cater to my every need.. So I tell my slave that this will happen to him today. I tell him to undress, first of all so I can have a laugh of his tiny dick. But he is always doing what I say.. no matter what.. He has a collar that says he belongs to me.. and only me! He has to lay down and start wanking his little rascal, while I hover over him in my panty teasing him with my sexy ass.. I know he is so easily teased by a beautiful Princess like me. I take his dick and start wanking it for him while I start to pee in his mouth.. This should be paradise for my slave.. After all being touched by my Princess hands while I pee in his mouth is a privilege. You can see he is getting harder and harder.. But then again! It is me! Then I tell him to get ready.. I need to shit, and I push out two large turds in his mouth and face. I am still wanking him while he has my shit in his mouth.. I count from 10 to zero, and he cum as I say zero.. So you see I can make all men shit eaters by giving them a little pleasure. He will remember the sensational feeling having my shit in his mouth gave him forever. So from now on, his only diet will be what is processed through my Princess body.

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    A smelly goodbye

    I love to humiliate my slaves, it is my mission in life. This slave is no different I simply love to humiliate him. I have step by step turned him into my personal disposal. He will never say no to me, he can't suffer the consequences. He has just been visiting me, or should I say served me, and I want to give him a going home present.
    You know being the owner of a slave, is like a dog outside. You need to mark your territory. So when he goes home, I make sure he smell of me, or should I say my waste products..! This will for sure keep everybody on a safe distance.
    So I start with feeding him with my pee, and really a lot of it. After I have him clean the floor I squat over his face and poop two logs in his pathetic mouth. He have to eat them both, he is going to smell ME both outside and inside! When he has finished my poop I feed him with my tampon, so now he is my total disposal for all my needs. He is now prepared to his journey home with the smell of me as his travel companion.

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    Sharing my shit

    I have just had a party with my friends, and we just had a blast of a party with a lot to eat and drink.
    My slaves have been our waiters, served our food and our drinks.
    But I will for sure not invite them to the table to eat the leftovers. They have to eat what is already processed through my body.
    I am a caring Princess, so I understand that they must eat as well..
    One of my slaves have never tasted shit before, but if he is going to eat, well then he need to eat what I offer him!
    I start shitting in one of the slaves mouth, and call the "fresh" one over. I start peeing a lot in his mouth before I land a dump in his mouth to eat.
    So now I have another shit eater at my disposal, and this is the only thing he will be eating from now on!

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    A really big dump for breakfast

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    I am such a beautiful and sexy Princess, and I can have my slaves do whatever I want when I want it! My slave is admiring me, and this morning I have prepared his breakfast. I have him admire my sexy ass, and I make it clear that he will receive my precious gifts in his mouth, as the toilet he is to me. I can really see no other use for pathetic losers like this. He should actually be grateful that I choose to use him for this honorable task. As he lies beneath me I place a really big pile of shit in his mouth covering both inside and outside.
    Well, after all he paid for dinner last night, so this is my contribution for breakfast! I love to watch my slaves having my big dump in their mouth and their face.. I want only dedicated slaves! I have the slave clean his dirty mouth, and when he comes back he have to clean the rest of his breakfast from my asshole, until it is spotlessly clean. But losers like this are simply just nothing but shit eaters and shit cleaners!

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    Eat my waste!

    I have a party with a few friends, and have my slave as our personal portable toilet. He must serve me and my friends however and whenever we want to use him. He is not allowed to say no, no matter what. All my slaves should be happy that I have found a way to use such pathetic creatures. I have my slave lay down, and squat over him.. I really need to shit. I have no idea what comes out of me, since I have had a diarrhea the past days.. But slaves need to be fed to, and I know exactly how to feed a slave. They will eat whatever I say, whenever I say!
    So I start pushing and some turds fall into my slaves mouth. I pee in his mouth, and he have to eat and swallow everything. Then I push out a little more for him to eat. But again it’s from me, so it cannot be anything but perfect. I have the slave clean my ass afterwards, but the smock gets shit on my shoes, and have to clean this as well. I have the slave smell my ass in the end to be sure it is perfectly clean before I join my friends and continue the party.

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    Eat my friends shit!

    You know when I have a party with friends, the slave’s must be prepared for anything. Anna is sitting on the porch having a smoke, and I want my slave to eat her shit! So to make sure something comes out I put a enema up her ass.
    My slave should be lucky, because today he have had a buffet of shit from me and Vivian earlier. It is not everyday we serve dinner 3 times the same day! Anna squats over my slave, and I tell him to get ready for whatever comes out, and he has to eat it all! I love so much to humiliate my pathetic toilet slaves!
    Anna keeps pushing, and his mouth is very close to her ass, so whatever drops down should land directly in his toilet mouth. She shits a couple of logs in his mouth and he swallows it all.. So this slave should be happy that he have been fed so much today!

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    You Pathetic Shit Eater!

    I see you are waiting for me, with fear in your eyes! Because today is the day I turn you from a pathetic loser into my pathetic shit eater! Look at me, I am beautiful I am a Goddess! You should only be so lucky to be of any service to me! So today I will make your nightmare come through. Get under my chair, and look at my boots, remember when I let you worship these? That was nothing.. Now you are going to eat and swallow my shit!
    If you ever come close to throw up, I will make you eat both the shit and your puke! So look at my sexy ass, because here is your destiny from now on! This is your only possibility to eat from now on!
    Look as my ass start to pucker, and the log is coming slightly into daylight. It is just so much I need to shit, and you watch it as it falls into to your pathetic toilet mouth! You look so pathetic lying there with my BIG dump in your toilet mouth, I can only laugh of you how love you have really sunk!
    “If you ever dream of being my shit eater, you better watch this clip! This is your destiny!”

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    A Lot Of Shit In Rome

    I made my pathetic slave buy me a trip to Rome, thinking he would get any pleasure from me. What very soon became clear for him was that I only needed him there for my own convenience, as my toilet whenever and wherever I needed to relieve myself.
    Here is a compilation of the shit he had to receive while in Rome. He should be thankful because I at least made sure he had food and drinks every day!
    All clips are previously released so this is a “best of..” or maybe I should say a postcard to my slave from Rome.. 

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    So do I

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