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Thread: Princess Nikki's Empire

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    Princess Nikki's Empire

    Peing in my bed (slave's view)
    Princess Nikki calls me to the bed, and start teasing me right away with all her charm and delight, I am as always spellbound an cater to her every need. She makes me crawl behind her and smell her ass over and over. She want me to get the cam, and make me lie down below her. She sit down on my face before she start peeing in my mouth, on my body and in my bed. I have to wash her pussy and legs which is a privilege.. and off course I will sleep in this delight tonight

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    Christmas treat for Rudolph

    I look so sexy in my Santa outfit, so I can make anyone do whatever I want. I have Rudolph serve me as I am after all his Goddess Santa Nikki . I have him look at my sexy body, and make him hold his hands out to catch my pee and drink it. But this is too slow, and my bladder is full so Rudolph must lie down so I can pee directly in his mouth. Rudolph tries heroically to swallow my Christmas treat while I humiliate his position as my private toilet. But what can he do with a sexy Santa like me? He follows my every command no matter what. Very hot close up on the pee going directly in Rudolph’s mouth.

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    Awesome pee party with my friends

    I invited two friends to join me and humiliate my two slaves. They want so desperately try my personal human toilets, so I thought this was a good opportunity. I start to pee in the mouth of both slaves, and have them swallow my champagne, they are after all my toilets. Then my next friend want to try this as well, and she pee in their mouths as well. Minnie also wants to use my toilets, so off course I let her use them as she wants, and she really pee a lot of yellow champagne in their pathetic mouths. What they missed they must lick from the floor, while we pour hot wax on their asses

    Out today:

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    Dirty Piss Party 01

    I have a visit from my best friend Nomi, and we always like to chat about everything. But if there is one thing we like even more it is to dominate and humiliate men in every thinkable way. I order one of my slaves to serve Nomi as a human ashtray when she is having a smoke. I am waiting for the other slave to appear because I really need to pee urgently. I love using all you losers as my personal toilet, and you should feel honored if I choose you for this task!! So when the slave comes he is told to lie down, and he receive my champagne in his mouth..

    Ohh I love the power I have over my human toilets. And receiving my golden gifts should be a privilege for all slaves! I tell the other slave to lie down to receive some pee as well, but he is currently busy as an ashtray. So even more pee for the other slave, he gets my entire bladder. Off course as any slave he must be grateful for these gifts, and thank me for this honor!

    Nomi finds this very amusing, so she wants to pee as well. She puts the cigarette in her “ashtray” and have him lie down, and she empties her bladder in his mouth. We leave our toilets outside, and tell them to clean up whatever they missed in their filthy mouths..

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    Nothing but toilets for me

    I have two slaves at my disposal, and they are lucky to be admiring a beautiful Princess like me! I stand above them so I know the view must be heaven for the slaves. I take both of them inside and have them lie on the floor. I will for sure make sure they do not go thirsty, so I pee in both of their mouths. They have to swallow every drop, I for sure don’t want the floor messed up and smelling of pee. After emptying my bladder in the pathetic mouths of the slaves, I have them get ready for some more. I squat over their faces with my sexy ass, and I really want to feed them as well. So I keep pushing and pushing, and you can really see my ass open and close. But having had a bad stomach it was no “food” left for the slaves, so they can both just clean my shitty asshole with their tongues while I humiliate the losers! They should be happy that I allow them to clean my dirty asshole!

    Out now:

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    Dirty Piss Party 04

    Minnie Manga and Giant Princess are having a party with me, and like always I allow my girlfriends to use my slaves in whatever way they like. Just to show them, I order one of my slaves down on the floor, and start pissing a lot in his mouth, and he has to swallow everything! Both my girlfriends really enjoy using slaves for this purpose, but Minnie needs a smoke, so I order a slave to accompany her as a ashtray. My friends are really surprised how pathetic a man can be, but then again they are not men.. Just slaves! After smoking, I make my shoes very dirty and have the slave lick it clean. Yet to a lot of laughing and humiliation from me and my friends.
    Giant Princess wants to pee as well, and I once more order my slave to lie down, and swallow everything she pee in his mouth. Once she have finished peeing, we go outside leaving the slave lying in the pee he missed!

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    Dirty Piss Party 05

    One of my slaves had the stupid idea that he could say no to me. I ordered him to lick the cum form another slave but he refused. So to teach him a lesson, I whipped him yellow and blue, and I kick him really hard as a punishment.
    I tell my other slave that it is never vice to reject an order from me, because I know he could not suffer the consequences.
    So I tell my friend that we need to punish them even more. I order the slaves on the floor, and it is time to soak them in our pee! I decide to pee through my pantyhose, so that the slave will have big problems catching all the pee. My friend stands over my other slave and pee a really lot in his pathetic mouth. When I leave the room, I tell the slave to clean up whatever hit the floor!

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    Dirty Piss Party 06

    My pathetic slaves have to welcome my Princess friends, and they better know how this is done.. Down on their knees, and kiss their shoes! One of the Princesses needs to pee right away, so the slaves are given the option who wants the first drops of this champagne.
    Giant Princess squats over his loser face, and start filling his mouth with his pee, he should only be so lucky. But she also wants to pee in the other slave, so he have to lie down as well and receive her golden drops.
    After the peeing the slave who was less eager to receive the piss needs to be punished. So Minnie start whipping him like crazy, while I use a wooden spoon on his chest, and Giant Princess use a spiked belt. He is severely punished for his failure to be eager enough.

    Out today:

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    Toilet Apprentice

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    To Quote Princess Nikki:
    "My best friend is joining me to try out a new toilet slave today. What we really enjoy is to humiliate such pathetic creatures, and off course take advantage of their dying wish to worship two beautiful Princesses like Nomi and me, The slave is on the floor, and I tell my friend that she can start using my new toilet apprentice. The only thing he will worship today is our precious piss in his pathetic toilet mouth. Neomi fill his mouth over and over while I am watching. She enjoys humiliate him so much. But also I need to go badly, my bladder is full, and I need to pee now! So I place my self over his face and mouth, and fill his mouth over and over. But as a apprentice he missed really a lot, so we make the slave get on his knees, and lick all the piss he missed from the floor with his pathetic tongue, telling him to catch our pee better next time!"

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