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Thread: Princess Nikki Cruel

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    Princess Nikki Cruel

    Nikki and Neomi fart
    The beautiful Princess Nikki and Princess Neomi is having a “let the air out” time in: “Nikki and Neomi Fart” released today on:
    Princess Nikki and Princess Neomi have a plan for the slave when it comes to ass humiliation. The slave is not sure that Princess Nikki can be dominant, and explains this to Neomi. Now the Princesses for sure are going to show this slave what they think of as ass humiliation. When the slave enters the room he must immediately get behind Princess Nikki and she let “one fly” straight to his face. Princess Neomi let’s out a silent one which by the look had to be a real treat for the nose . The humiliation continues, and the Princesses let one after another fart out for the slave. The Princesses takes off the fabric between the nose and the rose gardens, and then continue to fart in his nose over and over. Might it be that the slave was a bit dizzy leaving the room afterwards? Not from the smell, but the privilege
    Watch it at: Like a rose garden

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    Lick my dirty asshole

    My slave have made me a piece of bread. But it seems like he has just the last end of the bread so I ask him if he can’t afford buying a new bread? On top of that he have forgotten to put butter on the bread, even thou I have told him a 100 times I always use butter!!
    Well, it is time to teach him a lesson so he does not forget this one more time. I have had a diarrhea, and I want to fill his hands with my shit! I order him to put his hands under my asshole, and I try really hard to push some disgusting liquids in his hands. But only pee comes out at first, and really a lot of it.
    I order him to start licking my asshole, and maybe he will get some nuggets with his tongue deep in my ass. He has to do a proper job, or the punishment will be severe! I once more squat over his hands, and try even harder to give him a lesson. But it seems I emptied myself earlier today. So once more I order him to get his tongue deep inside my ass, to make sure it is properly clean before I leave him on the porch.

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