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Thread: Eating My Grandmother's Shit

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    Eating My Grandmother's Shit

    I was 22 at the time. I still lived with my parents as I was still attending college. They often went away on business so I got the chance to visit my grandmother, which we both loved. She was 75 and had a nice body. We had a relationship that was total taboo and we always kept in totally secret. Grandma and I loved each other but not in the usual context. We had been sex partners for over 5 years. Back then I had been staying with her and she had just asked if she could see my young cock. After that, we loved and worshipped each other's bodies. We kissed, licked, fucked, ass fucked, and even spanked one another. We had also gotten into something else. We developed a love for eating each other's snot and it was wonderful but, I felt we should go further.

    When we were laying naked on the bed a few weeks ago, we each ate a big glob of each other's snot and I then said to her: "Grandma, I would like to brush my teeth, but not with toothpaste. I would like to brush them with your shit. She looked at me and said: "I would love to give you some of my shit". Our relationship goes such a long way. I always love to try new things. Matter of fact, I do have to shit. So, we got a piece of plastic on the floor. She got on her knees with her ass in my face. I put my mouth to her asshole and a nice, soft, juicy piece of shit came out of grandma. Oh, it tasted so good as I filled my mouth with it and sloshed it around. I then motioned to her to come with me. We went into the bathroom and a put a toothbrush in my mouth and began brushing my teeth with the beautiful tasting shit. She stood there and said: "Oh hunny, that was wonderful. Would you shit in my mouth? I finished brushing my teeth but kept the shit in my mouth. I then, bent over and pointed to my ass. She then got on her knees under my ass as a long piece of shit came out of me. She let it slide into her mouth and shook with delight as she took the toothbrush and busily brushed back and forth with such pleasure. She put the toothbrush down and turned toward me. We both still had our mouths full of shit as we passionately shared a french kiss and exchanged the shit back and forth into each other's mouth. We each swallowed a little bit of the mixed shit and then spit the rest out into the sink.

    My grandmother and I love each other so much. We have so much together that my parents and the rest of the family, neighbors and the whole town would never guess the relationship we had. I am very happy I could share this with all of you.

    Thanks for reading and I hope it's a real turn-on for you.....

    ps. I know this isn't the subject of this forum but would anyone know if there are any clubs or forums for people who like to eat each other's snot too? Would be appreciated....thanks.

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    Interesting story, thanks for sharing!

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    Great story! Sounds like a good time!

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    Good for you! Sounds wonderful. Especially the snot part.

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