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Thread: Your first time eating own shit story

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    Your first time eating own shit story

    Tell us your first time eating shit story

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    I was exploring my moms wonderful pantyhose collection, sniffing each pair until I found the dirtiest one. I went in her bathroom and stripped down and carefully put on her lovely pantyhose. I had the most marvelous erection. leaking precum on her pantyhose and began to rub my hard on as it throbbed even more. I rubbed even harder as I felt closer to climax and my bowels opened and a large amount of shit filled the pantyhose and I shuddered and came as more shit came out. I could smell my scat and my sticky cum and felt my ass which was leaking my shit. I stuck my hand between her pantyhose and pulled out some of my scat I sniffed my hand and licked it and the taste was nothing I had ever experienced before. I stepped it the bathtub and soon had smeared my shit all over the pantyhose front and back. My dick became erect when I covered it with shit and I stroked it until I came again. I took off the pantyhose and licked off all the scat that I could, what a thrill it was.

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    Don't know if it counts as eating, because I didn't swallow, but the furthest I've had was late last year. I generally retreat to the downstairs bathroom to play, and it usually consists of various toys and such playing. I started with a frozen charleston chew candy bar, pushing it into a full load in my ass. i fucked myself with it for a while and got the nerve to finally lick it and eat a little bit of the candy. Most other sessions have been a little messy jacking and maybe small amount of smearing (not usually my thing too much though). But finally, I got myself to the point where i say on the counter (Its hard to stay up there, but with a little support I could manage), and watched myself slowly shit a big log onto my hands. It was firm, knobby, and so warm on my hands. I spend some time licking it up and down in front of the mirror, watching myself. I did finally get to the point of actually "sucking" on it for a bit. I honestly was blown away by the taste. In the past, the hint of shit had sort of almost given me the usual gag type reaction. Turned on, but still maybe even emotionally confused. But this. Actually tasting it in my mouth - I loved it. Honestly, it scared me a lot, because all of the bad reactions were gone and I was simply beyond turned on. I'm not sure where I'll end up from here, but I haven't gone that far since.

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