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Thread: Just saying hi new to the group from the uk

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    Just saying hi new to the group from the uk

    Hi all

    Just thought i would say hi to everyone im hoping to meet and chat with more like minded people

    I first got into scat when i was 14 when i shit im my hand and the rest is history im now 26 and loving pooing in my gfs pants when she is out.

    Im actually wating for her to go out tonight so if you want any pics message me before 8 when i will do it been saving it all day

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    hi I never got into it until later in life I wish I had now love shitting for guys and girls

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    I havr nevet met or spoke to a girl thats into it 😂

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    I met a husband and wife who was into scat big time

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    I started when I first shit outside in my teens since then I'd rather shit outdoors in my girly panties then rush home to enjoy it, I love the mess and the feeling of getting hard over my panties full but can't resist eating some on way home. I eat mine all the time now and others and love taking the risk but who cares about risks if u like it enjoy it. I also love licking public toilets clean, love strangers piss and farming for others shit. If u pervy and want to meet another message me I'm in Berkshire

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    I'm in Northamptonshire if you fancy chatting?

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    Hello any one want to chat?

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    Hi, older man here in London, happy to chat.

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    Younger man in jersey, happy to half flight cost's

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    Hi and welcome. I hope you have a good time here.

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