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Thread: Drinking urine

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    Drinking urine

    Drinking urine is good for health

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    Mmmm I agree. You need to taste mine! Its good for you If you are interested email me

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    Been drinking piss for years. Guess its a mind over matter thing but I never drink it from a glass. Always had to be straight from the source.

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    I have drank my wife's for a lot of years. Usually from the source, but sometimes she pisses into a wine or beer glass and then I drink it. I prefer her's to mine. I agree, it is a mind thing, I like the idea of her drinking beer, and then emptying her bladder into a beer glass, then drinking it. Though as mentioned, that's not usually how we do it.
    Going back to OP's comment, I really don't know if it is actually good for you, or not, though if you are drinking some else's, one would need to be confident of the person's health before consuming it.
    As is obvious, I do this for fetish, not because I think that its' health food! But good sex is also good for you!

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    I too love fresh urine from ladies or men. First drunk urine when i was 12, have loved ever since.
    I now love all piss play and now all toilet duties.
    Seeking genuine piss and scat lovers in Leeds, west yorks area.

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    I drank pee at a very short age. At that time someone told my parents to gave urine of myself for drinking to me but that time I don't know how it was. Again after few years when I tried to drink it, I vomited. I don't think it is a good idea to drink another's, as they may have health issues and it will create a serious issue.

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