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Thread: new scatgirl in my life

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    Cool my first story with juliescatslut

    my first scat story about me and Juliescatslut I met her on dating lines without seeing her we talked few hours about the weather and suddenly our discussion was on our mutual fetishes i told her i liked scat and piss games and it was my big fantasy and she told me she loved to be submissive bbw and she wanted to be real toilet bitch ,my god I was on shock we were on the same wavelength and the chemistry was there between us she told she would love to be my toilet slut and vice versa she gave me her description on the phone and she seem to be gorgeous with her big boobs 36 D her big ass and her big sloppy cunt so we continued this discussion and she admitted she practised these fetishes before with her ex boyfriend but not also extreme that she want to do with me so I cant wait to meet her in real ,so she took the bus and she arrived to the terminus bus station at 4:30 pm and she called me to picked up her and 15 Min later we arrived at home she undressed totally naked i could see her big nice sagging tits and her big curvy butt as well as her pierced clit she was so exciting that she almost made me cum when I heard her sexy voice and her naked body ,so we jumped in the bed and we were lying, suddenly we took the position 69 and we peed and shitting in our mutual mouths and all over our bodies we were covered of shit from head to feet and our bodies stank we were very filthy she ate my smooth shit completely cause she had a mouthful me too we kisses each other and chewed every pieces of turds while we masturbated each other shitty genital parts, we had big orgasms ,she asked me to fuck her cunt and ass as a real bitch in doggy style and rimming her big shitty ass in the air while she farted in my maw, she advanced her big booty until my tool and she dropped her brown load on my dick, she rubbed it with her two messy hands and she sucked me cleaned after few minutes,she told me look my shitty tongue I will swallow all your shit you fucking pig, baby your shit going down my stomach oh yeah it's so good, I want more honey! and I did same-thing with her savouring shit she was almost pass out so much she was excited, she peed in my mouth and I drank it all, I peed a lot at my turn and she swallowed everything until she puked all over me all her diner after this amazing day we jumped in the shower to wash our bodies carefully and that we dried and it was time to leave it was almost 9 pm but the next time we will play more filthy and disgusting stay tune for the next story
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    Awesome sounding experience! She is a very sexy lady too. That big ass in those shiny tight short shorts is to die for.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    good story
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