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Thread: I present you my new scatgirl

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    I present you my new scatgirl

    Hi folks long time ago I head something on this forum cause i was very busy but now I'm back with a new scatgirl in my life,I met her 1 month ago her name is Julietscatslut 34 years old 5'5 200 lbs she's bbw for now, but she follow a diet ,we played scat and pee many times together she 's into all disgusting stuff like shit piss vomit, farts,diarrhoea she love to transgress her own limits she see this like a challenge, she love eating shit in large amount, drinking pee, and puke swallow but above all she love sucking my full shitty tool we see each other 2 times a week and more we see each other more it's a sickening session we love it I'm sure she will follow the trace of the Queen Veronica Moser she's absolutely amazing and the most slutty girl in the world just to say an example last night I had to go and she asked me to shit in her wide open mouth and i said it will be very liquid and slimy, I don't give a damn! go ahead pig I'm just a fucking shit whore and she even licked the inflate hemorrhoid on my asshole while I shitting ,now she lost 20 pound in 1 month and she want to achieve her own goal of 160 lbs she is very determinate and I'm sure she will succeed she love wearing a PVC black suit and she love to be a real bitch i am pretty happy at his moments cause i realize my big dream btw i'm still in relationship with my current gf Mary from Couplescat but i continue to play with her and Mary is agree and waiting to play in threesome later cause she need time to assimilate my new scatgirl anyway i know i'm very lucky man but i take my time before to present my new toilet to my actual gf, cause i don't want to spoil my chances to realize my big dream each days i pinch myself to see if its not a dream

    Rick from Couplescat
    c65ef4d5.jpg 019_1000.jpg

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    She looks beautiful! She shouldn't lose weight. Fat ones are better!

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    Don't let her lose too much weight, I know there are health issues in being too heavy, but her ass looks amazing in that shot of her wearing the tight shorts!

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    I wish i could meet a girl over here like that, just can not find one & i love larger girls with a nice big tight arse. Never had any scat fun with any one, but have always wanted my 1st to be a larger girl with big arse to sit over me & i spread her cheeks to see her hole open as she shits. Then i rub it over her arse & use it as lube for me to finger her & feel inside for more shit.

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    She is very sexy the size she is, probably makes big shits too. Very sexy

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