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Thread: Large turd in retail toliet

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    Large turd in retail toliet

    I wish I took photos of it, and more. This morning I went in a large stores washroom to take a dump. In the toilet bowl lengthwise was the longest, thickest turd I have ever seen. It was like 14 inches long and as thick as an extra large dildo. It was the perfect color and the texture was smooth with a not too lumpy surface. I was too shocked to take photos even. I should have carefully wrapped in toilet paper and taken it home with me. I would have put it in the freezer so I could later make vids of me licking the monster and after an enema sticking the beauty up my ass until it filled me and trying to take it all in. I would jerk off in to a condom and later eject the turd and cover it with my jizz. Then I would take my time putting the thawing brownie in to my mouth like I was sucking dick. It would taste so different from my own shit which would get me erect again as I chowed down until the whole thing was eaten. Oh, well, maybe next time.

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    That sounds amazing. Please do it and put the video here

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    I masturbating imagining it

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