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Thread: How do i get her to shit for me

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    How do i get her to shit for me

    I've posted before about my one and only experience eating womens shit, a 57 year old colleague of mine who I'm completely in love with left a turd down the loo. I knew it was hers and fished it out and wrapped it up and eat it when I got home. It's never happened again despite wishing it would and despite wishing she knew that I wanted to eat her shit. How can I make this happen again, I'd love to just come out out and tell her that I want her to shit for me and me to eat it whenever we're alone.

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    Why dont you turn off the water supply to the toilet{s} when you think she has to go poo?

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    Yeah that idea is worth consideration, maybe if I could find a way of blackmailing her into doing whatever I want, then I could tell her that my silence can be bought with her poo.

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    I thought I was going to get what I wished for, a toilet full of my loves poo, she went into the toilet and I didn't hear her flush as I was busy. I followed her in and was hopeful, she left a really gorgeous smell, I could smell the poo that she had done but was left disappointed when I looked in the toilet bowl and see it was empty, I will keep hoping.

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